Summer Holiday Guide for London!

So the summer term is nearly over – for some schools have been closed for a few days already. What are you planning for your summer holiday? Most importantly, we all know that life doesn’t stop when school does so how do you manage your work life juggle during this period?  So we have put together this summer holiday guide to give you some fun activities to enjoy!

For some, the thought of the summer is a much anticipated time of the year, filled with sunny days, paddling pools, museum trips, long walks and that smell of sunscreen and children mixed together can smell delicious. For others, it can feel quite overwhelming. The thought of having to organize 3 meals, and entertaining children while balancing work can be too much to chew.

Whichever camp you are in, we’ve got your back!


There are so many fun camps to explore with your child(ren) this summer. From active football styled camps such as Active Day Camps, to more creative camps to get their messy play hats on. There are also many STEM-themed camps popping up such as Mama codes who have several coding camps around London and they take children as young as 3! It’s never too early to get your child learning to code these days!

Also, did you know that RIBA have special summer camps for children? From den building to designing sky scrappers if you have a 6-year-old to an 18-year-old do check out their schedules!

Free days out cooling off in the water parks

We all know that water + children = lots of uninterrupted fun and giggles for everyone! So bring the swimwear and sunscreen and hats and have fun!

Kensington Memorial park – This water park has just through some major improvements so go check it out! There is also the new Serpentine Lido to enjoy close by as well!

Parliament hill paddling pool – Set in the beautiful Hampstead
Heath this has something for everyone – a beautiful playground and a large paddling pool! Bring your picnic blanket and some food and have a perfect day out!

Granary Square Water Fountains – Have you been to the new area in Kings Cross? Enjoy lunch in one of the cool restaurants or the KERB street food market in the square right in the heart of London and let your little ones splash around in the water fountains. It’s a perfect way to cool off during these hot summer days!

Free Farm Fun

Children of all ages love to go to the farm, so why not take them to a city farm. It is a great educational experience for your little ones and they will love the experience!

Hackney City Farm – Entrance to the farm is free, so have a guilt-free day out learning about all the farm animals and how the farmers look after them.

Kentish Town Farm – This lovely little city farm is nestled in residential Kentish town and even have a pony club where children can ride and also learn to care for ponies. They also offer group-riding classes.

Working Mamas

We know that work doesn’t stop when school is out, so whether you are a flexible working mama, a freelancer or entrepreneur, Entreprenursery is open 9-5 every day over the summer. So if you just need to get your head down and get some work done with your little one next door having fun in our nursery – do get in touch and we can book you in!  We also have free webinars and a downloadable freebie to help you get started on your business idea that has been on your to-do list for so long. Whatever you do this summer holiday, remember to have fun, and if you need that extra helping had just get in touch!