Our story

Hi, I’m Dahlia!

Mum to 3 young children and founder of Entreprenursery. I’ve been exactly where you are: wanting more. From business and from family life.

In 2017, I was working from home as a freelance sustainability manager, fed up with the constant juggle to give both work and family quality attention.

Sat at home, with toddler paraphernalia surrounding me, a lack of office, a lack of desk space, a lack of adult conversation… I had a serious case of imposter syndrome!

I longed for a reason to get out of my comfy ‘mum’ attire and to be able to bounce ideas off people while my child was kept happy and engaged too.

And so, started my dream of a co-working space with nursery that would make me feel like a legitimate entrepreneur and take care of my toddler.

Entreprenursery was first launched as a church hall pop-up creche. Following its success, we then moved to a permanent venue at Runway East where we now offer an Ofsted registered nursery with completely flexible co-working space.

Entreprenursery is here for you whether you long for just one afternoon of child-free concentration or you’ve been searching for a consistent weekday solution for getting stuff done! Mums, dads, carers – you’re all welcome.

I know the passion and hard work that goes into making a business or career dream come to life – especially as you bring up a family too. Entreprenursery is dedicated to being more than an office with childcare.

We are a fully-fledged business incubator, here to provide you with the tools and resources (like our events and webinars) to help you nurture your business, your family, and yourself – so every aspect of your life can thrive.