We all know that first day of nursery is so hard for mum and for the baby of course. You have spent the past few special months together bonding!   So handing over your baby to another adult can be understandably difficult, after all, no one knows your child as well as you do! But as we all know, there is a transitional period for both of you.  Getting used to the new routine, new environment and most importantly new adults to care for your little one. A few tears on the first few days is totally normal.  Below are easy strategies to help you both settle into the new routine of nursery. That’s why Entreprenursery is so great, the transition from home to nursery is much more gradual.


  • Be prepared – Make sure you send your child with enough wipes, nappies, change of clothes, a favorite toy and whatever is needed to help the transition be as smooth as possible. If you can prepare everything the night before you’ll feel more relaxed leaving home and so will your child!


  • Establish boundaries – The nursery is your child’s new world away from home – it’s not yours! So please try not to linger in the nursery. Leave confidently and say a reassuring word like “mummy will be back have fun!” give your child a hug and a kiss and promptly leave.  This can be difficult, especially if your child is crying, but try to be as positive and reassuring as possible.


  • Communication – Even if your child is preverbal, you’d be surprised how much they will understand. Try to visit the nursery before the start date together and use an up beat and excited tone to explain this will be your new wonderful nursery where you can play and have fun!”


  • Go at your child’s pace – The first few days will be tough for most children, be persistent and keep going regularly. If they are really struggling, build up the hours slowly until they get used to the routine of coming into the new space. Stay close by in case you are needed for extra support the first few days.


  • Sharing information – Do tell the key worker in the nursery things your child loves such as favorite toys, songs, food and so on, so that they can help your child settle in to the nursery. Also share any changes in routine, or circumstances that may affect your child’s mood.


  • Continuity – It’s best to go to nursery on consecutive days e.g. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, so your child has a feeling of continuity.   Avoid going Tuesday and Thursday for example.


  • Play dates – To help your child settle having play dates with friends from nursery can really help with settling in. So that the friendships can continue outside of the nursery. Don’t forget mums supporting each other are pretty amazing too!


  • Don’t over tire your child – usually after nursery your child will be very tired and will be looking forward to going home and having a hug with you, so it’s not really the time to go to a museum or for a walk in the park after a long day in the nursery.


  • Be positive – your child feeds off of your energy, if you are stressed or worried, your child will feel the same way. So the best thing you can do is use positive language and be up beat and your child will find the settling in period much easier.


  • Enjoy YOUR time – sending your child to nursery is good for you too! Remember to practice self-care during your time away from your child, whether that is going to the gym, reading a good book, or working on your professional development. Make this time for you and ditch the guilt!

To Learn more about the Entreprenursery co-working space and creche that is a flexible nursery solution for working parents, and to arrange for a free 2 hour trial – please go to this link!