When I became a mum in 2015, something unexpected happened, I became super ambitious. Yes, that time when I had the least amount of time ever to shower, let alone ‘step into my true purpose’ as the self development gurus encourage.


I have always worked for myself; amalgamating my passions and my skills; actor, coach, writer and speaker. However once I had a baby, I knew that I had to work in a diffe rent way.


I loved those early months sitting on the sofa snuggled up with my baby (and there seems to be approximately 1438 photos of me in THAT red dressing gown to prove it) however I knew it wasn’t feasible to remain there endlessly.


I, like many new parents had the newborn fog; when did I last feed the baby and how long did he feed for? What day is it? Have I eaten? Can I get out of the house before 2pm?


However once the haze started to fade and we began to find our groove (in every aspect… NB: some are still a work in progress!) I started to move into the new version of me. Fortunately all the creativity and business acumen I had pre baba was still there and slowly but surely the ideas started to flow.


Becoming a Mum allowed very little headspace for nonsense, I had a hungry baby who liked to sleep very irregularly.


Instead of falling asleep in the rocking chair in the middle of the night, often my brain was whirling with creative ideas and then I found the inspiring squares of Instagram who welcomed me into their gang with inspiration and tales of change and kick assery. It was a perfect match.


Many of my clients come to me after maternity leave (sometimes not immediately…maybe several years later) as a change is needed. Perhaps their corporate life no longer often flexibility. Perhaps a business idea is cooking (and maybe has been for years but it has never been the right time) and support is needed to launch. Perhaps family life has confirmed that life is too short to spend a lot of time doing stuff that doesn’t make you happy. If you are reading this in your own version of THAT red dressing gown, you are in the right place.


In fact there has never been a better time. There is so many parents carving out their own version of work and family life… more specifically on their terms.


Now this is not to say you need to launch a 6 figure business whilst your baby snoozes gently on a sheepskin… I simply want to share that there can be another way going forward.


The truth is there are so many variables to family life; your set up, your support (or lack of), the number of children you have, your work situation, your version of success so when I work with my clients I never present one perfect solution… it is all about what works for you.


Self development can sometimes just be reserved for those who can go to Bali for a monthly retreat; to contemplate, to journal, to meditate, to bask. BUT I know many parents who need an alternative. Although an interrupted long haul flight with a beautiful window of opportunity for a kip would be worth the airfare.


I launched my Personal Brand Plan back in the summer because many of my clients need to create a plan of action from their sofa (scroll down for the The Early Hour discount)


Beginning a new chapter can be daunting especially if you are sleep deprived so here are 5 easy questions you can brain storm when you have a little window of opportunity which will help you figure out the next career chapter or go to the level in your business.



  • What do you want?

Knowing how you want to spend your days is so important. Often we can dutifully go through school, college, university and straight into work without really questioning it. Instead we have done the ‘sensible’ thing. So now you are a parent, what would you like? What’s important to you? What are your non negotiables? What would you like your daily, weekly, monthly schedule to look like? What would you like to be doing? How would you like to feel?


  • How do I pay you

I often talk about this in my Instagram stories…you have more skills, talent, experience than you know. Others want to pay you for your services so please let them. Consider how you would like to be paid. What do you want to sell? What services could you provide? How could you share your expertise online or offline? I see lots of websites which have a call to action of ‘If you would like to find out more, drop me an email’. As consumers we want to know more immediately so make it easy for us. Map out your offerings and share your brilliance (please don’t be shy even if, like most of us, you hate selling).


  1. Tell me all about

There is a lot of noise on social media so how can you stand out? How can you share your personality? What is your USP? We want to know you and your story, we are craving that human connection. Even though it may feel scary, please start sharing. Social media has so many fantastic tools that are waiting for you. Brainstorm ways that you can share your message in a way that feels great to you.


4)All about you. When you have the baby, sometimes you, the parent can be forgotten. The baby’s wishes are taken care of but you can’t remember the last time you got a hair cut, got dressed alone or sat quietly for ten minutes with a book. Easing yourself into this new chapter may take some planning and some time to consider what you need to feel like ‘you’, the new version. Consider what you need, however small or big to support you through the next chapter.


5) Behind the scenes

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ but what if you don’t have a support system? What could help you through this next chapter? More childcare? An online course? A networking event? A book? A You Tube documentary? We are in a fantastic, technological world and there is a place for all of us to thrive and show our children how to rewrite the rules. We just need to take the next step forward.

Nicky is a huge advocate of the portfolio career; she’s an actor, qualified life and business coach, writer and speaker. She is passionate about supporting other women (and men!) to create a business and life that defines their version of success. Since qualifying as a coach, she has helped over 700 people through her workshops, 1:1 sessions and online courses. Some of Nicky’s favourite topics are: Goal setting | Tackling Limiting beliefs | Boosting confidence | Overcoming overwhelm | Working as a freelancer: Life as an entrepreneur | Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests Being a mum of a two year old son and working across a variety of platforms/projects she can also share tips on how to start a personal brand, how to keep motivated and do the hustle so you create your ideal opportunities.  Nicky will be hosting a live webinar on the 14th of March at 8:30pm.  To join her please click here to register. To follow Nicky’s work you can find her on the following platforms:

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