Check out our frequently asked questions

So how does it work?
Entreprenursery is a totally flexible nursery solution for working parents.  You can choose to pay as you go, buy bundles or buy day passes or an unlimited access to the nursery, 5 days a week.  We are fully Ofsted registered so you are free to work from the coworking space – Hangar 58 or any other location of your choice.
What age ranges do you take?
We take children from 3 months to 5 years old.  It’s really beneficial for children to be in a mixed aged setting as they learn from each other.  Our setting is inspired by the Montessori pedagogy.
What are your opening times?
We are open Monday – Friday 9-5 Except for bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years!  If you would like to keep you little one longer this can usually be sorted out if we have enough notice to organize one of our amazing nursery team to stay on a little extra.
Ok so how do I book?
Right now you have to email us on Dahlia@entreprenursery.co.uk and let us know your date and time for booking.  We usually like a week’s notice if possible – but we know that isn’t always possible.  Once we have you booked in, we will send you a registration form and invoice. Soon we will have an online booking system so you can manage your credits and hours by yourself.  So watch this space! For further information on our prices, please click here.
Do you take Childcare Vouchers?
Yes!  As we are Ofsted registered we do accept electronic childcare vouchers.  Right now we are registered with Edenred and Compuserve, however if you are with another provider, please let us know and we can sign up with your e-voucher provider.  As the vouchers take a few days to get processed and reflected in the bank account, we do usually bill 3 days earlier than those paying by BACS.
How many children do you have in the nursery? What are your adult : child ratios?
Because it’s a flexible nursery, it varies day to do by our maximum capacity is 9-10 children depending on the ages of course.  Our adult to child ratio is always in line with Ofsted regulations of 3:1, and we also follow the Early Years Foundation Stages Framework (EYFS).
What should I bring with me?
Nappies, wipes, snack, lunch, change of clothes and sometimes a special toy can help during the first few days.   We have a fridge and a microwave to warm up the food or milk if you want us to. We provide all the toys, and fun!
Where is the nursery and the coworking space?
It is nestled in Old Street!  Just a minute away from Old Street Tube Station, which is on the Bank branch of the Northern Line.  Simply take exit 3 towards Moorgate and you will see 19-23 Featherstone Street around the corner. The building outside has Runway East Signage.

The coworking (Hangar 58) is a space that is free of charge for anyone to use.  You simply have to register here .  It is around the corner on 58 City Road in another Runway East building.  So if you are still nursing, just feel like a little cuddle or if your child needs a little more reassurance you are just around the corner!  

How flexible are you really?
Completely!  Our minimum booking is 2 hours in the nursery.  We take ad hoc bookings for that meeting you have to get to, we do also sell bundles of hours that you can use within 3 months.  We are also introducing a new unlimited package where you can use the nursery full time Monday – Friday 9-5. We work on the principle of the more hours you buy the less you pay per hour.