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Summer Holiday Guide for Working Mamas

Summer Holiday Guide for London! So the summer term is nearly over – for some schools have been closed for a few days already. What are you planning for your summer holiday? Most importantly, we all know that life doesn’t stop when school does so how do you manage...

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10 Ways to Help Your Child Settle Into Nursery

We all know that first day of nursery is so hard for mum and for the baby of course. You have spent the past few special months together bonding!   So handing over your baby to another adult can be understandably difficult, after all, no one knows your child as well...

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Family Cooking – Time-Saving Tips!

  I always thought my ship would be too tightly run for this to happen, but along with every other surprising element of my motherhood journey I’ve now found myself in a position where I am cooking separate meals for everyone in the house! I have a super fussy 4-year...

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Did You Ever Wonder About Hypnobirthing?

  I had never thought of myself as a maternal person, or rather, not until everyone around me started having children. Then it was clear that this was something we wanted, that we would begin to build our family.   We were lucky enough to fall pregnant quite quickly,...

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2 Mistakes Startups Make

The Two HUGE Mistakes Startups Make That You Must Avoid for Startup Success!   With all of the positive become-a-billionaire vibe going on around startups these days, it may seem that every startup is a veritable gold mine. But, simply put, this is a huge...

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Body Positivity for Children

  It is not too early to think about the topic of ‘body positivity.’   Body positivity is just as relevant for adults as it is for the children in their lives. While the terminology is already shifting, and will be shifting in the coming years, surely the gist of what...

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

Living in London, I tend to forget that I am living on an island and the seaside is just a short train ride away.  This weekend we embarked on a challenging 21km hike on the Seven Sisters in East Sussex.  It was organised by a meetup group called Outdooraholics.  ...

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Not quite ready to leave the house yet?

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